Cant post any listings

Hello!I live in Russia and i am cant verify my id, I have long been selling stuff on gameflip

How can I solve this problem for me?

@DunnBiscuit Can I continue to sell the codes by transferring $ 5 to my account?

Hey @DunnBiscuit if i just put my paypal in will i be able to keep selling items?

@DunnBiscuit my inv TYBA6X

@DunnBiscuit what do I have to do to get id verified

Also I have 38 good reviews and one meh

The meh is because after I sold this kid his item he asked me to drop all the stuff I had for sale and I refused and told him I would send him a screenshot, I do not have a debit card or a way to add funds to my account. I started the beginning of this month and have been nothing but legit I would like to continue selling.

my code 5h4bjf

Hey @Malokyi14, just see one of the requirements below:

  • You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018

If you add funds, you may continue listing your items.


Hey @G44RA, unfortunately not.

You need to either add funds to your account or add a valid credit/debit card to it.


@DunnBiscuit At you what that problems with replenishment through paypal, I can not fill up:плакать:

Hello, you may follow the instructions within the link below to get your ID verified:


I’m also having this problem as well. My paypal is already attached but it won’t let me add funds from my paypal. My card is prepaid, won’t work.

Invite code: ELEWUD

My ID is expired as well and I won’t be able to renew for a while (unpaid speeding ticket).

Please help! Thank you.

I have the same problem. I added funds after Jul, 26 to my Account via Paypal and it said “Under Review” after one day gameflip told me to send:

  1. A photo of the front and back of your driver’s license or state issued identification card that shows your photo and address held in your hand. We cannot accept passports.
  2. A photo of your phone bill with the phone number registered to your PayPal account
  3. One photo showing your ID and a handwritten sign that states “I approve this $5 Gameflip purchase” and your signature. Take the photo holding both next to your face.

Although they clearly said: “your Gameflip account must meet one of the following conditions”

But thats not all. I wrote to the Support, why am i supposed to send all these information for a ingame items platform, although i already tried to add funds to my Account. Well, after 12 hours i got the notification that my Paypal transaction has been cancelled. I tried to log in to my Gameflip Account and it says it’s suspended.
Invite Code: BF4ARA Im not sure if this is the right Code, because i cant log in anymore ha ha…

Wow what the heck. I contacted gameflip via paypal and they cancelled quickly. I’m still able to sell stuff but I can’t post new listings.

I told them my ID is expired and I have unpaid traffic tickets. If I try to renew I’ll get arrested.
I asked if I could use expired with my birth certificate and ssn. For which they replied with the verification page…

They have about $20 they won’t payout to me that was there before the new rules. I just want my money. I’m done with gameflip. This is ridiculous.

PLUS requiring ID and stuff completely cuts the consumer base by more than half. As most my customers are kids.

Hi its been over 2 days now, i can list anything yet, i lost alot of customers already cuz of this delay, emailed support and there is no reply yet ( as always ).
I have 1200+ feedback score and im very active selled, can u check please if my selling can be unlocked due the successful track record of selling rule ?
I tried to verify my id but its not in english and gamflip requiers that it must be in english thou.
My code : 7YPMF8

Cant list anything*

I added paypal on my account but i still cant list things?

I cant sell anything once gameflip inv Code QC7J58

The same as u

Adding a PayPal account is not the same as adding a credit/debit card. You’ll have to add funds with that PayPal account to fulfill “add funds” requirement.

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Hello! As I checked, your ID got rejected. Please see the reason and apply for the ID verification again.