change Google account?

I have my gameflip account linked to a Google account t for signing in purposes, is there anyway to link my gameflip to a different google account? Or unlink it all together and just sign in with an email and password?

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Hi Dylan_Hoofer,

Once you link a Google account to a Gameflip account, you will no longer be able to unlink it.


Can i create a log in for this account as well? Soon I wont have access to the Google account associated with it

Hey @Dylan_Hoofer,

Unfortunately, you are also not able to do that. As @MajorTom informed above, once the link is made it cannot be changed in anyway.

So you are only able to access the account through the way that it is done today.

If you lose access, you will probably have to create a new account.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

God Speed! :trident:


hello is this how we message on here?


What do you mean? If you mean private messaging, you will need the ‘Basic’ badge then you can private message someone on forums. VVV
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Usually if you got questions, you can make a new topic. You will also require the basic badge as well to create a topic. Just browse some topics and replies and you should be able to get it.