Cheat buyer Help solve the problem

Your Code: RZYZ2P

The buyer cancels the trade. After talking to him he tried to get me to cancel. He will give me two sets of code.Which do not look consistent.And I’m not sure if he cheated on me.The code is not actually enabled I’m not sure. He tried to scare me.I’m afraid he will cheat.
The price of the code is 50 But he said that bought in 0.89 dollars.And he canceled my item. I do not trust him .I sell for 50 will give me a press cancel product?.He is the one who bought the product and will also give me the code.

Order ID


Do not cancel the trade. This is almost identical to a scam I saw on the forum a couple of days ago from a user called bruh I believe.

Same thing - PUBG in-game item key where he complained that the price had been raised just before he bought it, said the money was for a CS:GO knife for his brother. Flag the user as a scammer and If you do not get a response to your post you could PM the Moderators about this transaction: 1 DunnBiscuit 2 op_JOkEr

If he doesn’t open a dispute you will be paid and given a positive rating automatically in 3 days.

For those of us who like to actively Block scammers could you possibly post up a hyperlink for POOH’s Gameflip profile.

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted. :+1:


ok bro Thank you for the introduction.

Car crash on him now :frowning:

really? How do you know