Could You please cancel this transactions

Hey @DunnBiscuit can you cancel this add funds transaction? -23e1f455-76f4-46d7-9a07-817a2b6d04e0

thank you so much. I have paypal issues so I decided to keep my money for now because I need to eat this month

Remember bills & food should anyways become before video games not the other way around. :blush:

Lucy :heart:

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Is your payment under review ? You can still cancel it…

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I don’t wanna sound harsh but if the funds were successfully added to your account, then you can’t ask for a refund. It clearly states on the same page before you add funds:

“I understand that funds added to my wallet can only be used for purchases and cannot be withdrawn, refunded, or paid out .”

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Hello! As i checked, it is canceled already, thank you.