Critical error buying csgo skins

Hello, I just added 620$ to my account (paying 25$ fees) to buy a skin of 775$, the problem is that it does not allow me to withdraw it (I bought 4 skins today and it is not my mistake, also this error is not the first time it happens).
I would not care if it were not because now my 645$ are in gameflip and I can not even withdraw them! Hope you fix this error soon or give me a refund thanks.
Code: Z5N43Z

are you using the correct trade url?

Yes, It is not the first time that this error has happened, some time ago I could not buy a skin for the same problem (and the users could not either, since they commented the same thing)
As I said before I did not care because it was money from my wallet, but this time I have put $ 645 from my bank account and now they are caught in gameflip, that’s why I would like (in case an admin / dev manually cannot solve or give me the item and complete the order) receive a refund, thanks.

I just noticed that another user has written this in the skin I am trying to buy

Please help :confused:

This happened to a customer of mine for one of my items. Support managed to fix it somehow. You just have to create a support ticket at and they will investigate it and fix it (hopefully). However, I have seen the item you are trying to buy floating on the site for several months. Hopefully it is just an issue with their the website’s steam account and still retrievable. Good luck.

it’s bugged on this listing. The seller can’t withdraw either. I can also see people talk about it on the comments section.
So definitely it’s not your problem.

I’ve had items that took me months to withdraw because of errors like this. Some days I was just totally unable to retrieve items. Buyers regularly contact me with similar issues and I lose sales because of it. It’s definitely not an uncommon occurrence. I have an AK-47 Redline I listed two years ago that’s still stuck on a bot. They’ve fixed some items but not that one lol.

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