Custumers can't buy from my shop

For about 3 weeks, I noticed that I was selling no more and I found it weird. A few days ago, several customers in my comments told me that they could not buy anything from my shop and that an error message appeared: ERROR APP
I don’t know how to solve the problem and that’s why I come to the forum.

User: IliTy
Profile code: 1NATN9

Hello, can you please ask them to sned us tickets with such error message so we can investigate this further?


Hey i have a screenshot from a customer

Can you please ask your client to send us a ticket?

We need to request more information from him/her so we can check this further.

Meanwhile you may ask him/her to update the app or use the a computer web browser to access the marketplace and try to purchase from you.

Once he/she opens a ticket, please, send me via PM the ticket number so I can check further.

Thank you.

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