Dark Mode for Forum

Please forgive me if this is already an option, I couldn’t find it in my settings or on the bottom of the main page, and as someone who tries to read most of the posts here to keep up and learn it’s really hard on my eyes to stare at the white all the time.

Would it be possible to code a dark mode skin for the forum and app? It looks amazing on the desktop version of GF but the app and forum don’t seem to have it.

Hello @alaynestone,

Right now, I do not think that the mobile app or forum can be used in dark mode, only the desktop version of Gameflip.

There have been multiple people ask this previously so it may be considered by Gameflip to add it.

Hey @alaynestone, thanks for the feedback.

I’ve enabled Dark theme for the forum, please check this post:

For the mobile app, our team will be checking if it is possible to add it on the future.



My eyes thank you guys!

Thank you so much, it looks great! :purple_heart:

To reduce eye-strain & fatigue use eyeglasses. I was having the same issue.