[Suggestion] Dark Theme / Mode

So i was thinking, adding a dark mode / theme mode would be a nice addition, i often play at night time or i watch movies and usually i have gameflip open on my second monitor and the fact it’s just constantly blaring in my face with the light colours, well its rather irritating. The site looks nice don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I use my computer a lot, so having a night mode / dark mode like youtube or google or firefox does then i’m sure a lot of gamers would be really grateful :slight_smile: Thanks

There is a dark theme mode, and I am using it. I just can’t remember how I activated it as I can’t find anywhere it is to be deactivated.

This isn’t available for desktop version right? I mean it would like nice to have a toggle on the header of the site.


Yest it is available for the desktop version. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Sun” button. You will get the dark theme.


Thank you for the replies , i might have not been paying as much attention as i probably should have, either way, thank you for the replies.

Thanks :slight_smile: Silly me. It wasn’t visible to me for some reason.