Darknight i need ur help

9skh5k is my code well every time i try to buy stuff i cant its saying account suspended my brother was scamming from his own account he told me which is why i think my account got also suspended but i got 416.59$ on my account as credit i would like to cashout my money is iy possible temporary remove the suspension im begging for it plzzz i never scammed anyone i was legit the whole time plz dear moderator im begging for help @DarkKnight i created a ticket support they are saying they cant help me because my adress was on both of our account but i had my id verified n all im not mu brother ticket number 450365 plz unsuspend it i never did anything wrong and i need the 400$ from my account asap for my bills now?

have you sent a support ticket?

Hello funny_channel,

Unfortunately, for the reason that the other account was suspended and for security reasons, we are not able to lift the suspension on your account, which has the same information as the one that was suspended.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

you will endup losing more $$$ that way

This is stupid

dont forget possible prison time.