DDR Mats for PS2

Might be a long shot but I’m looking to buy a couple DDR Mats for the PS2 hahaha. I just bought DDR MAX2 for like $3 on a whim and don’t have pads to play it on :joy:

Amazingly enough I may have some. I’ll check my overstock. I know for sure I have OEM Xbox and Wii ones but I’m not sure I have an extra set for the PS2. Did you want OEM ones or are aftermarket ones okay?

It depends on your price points for either :smile: I’m open to either!

I’ll go dig around today and let you know what I find. Did you want one pad, or two for doubles play?

-edit- I reread the thread. I’ll look for a set of matching pads.


Sweet thanks! I’ll be checking the app and this thread for updates :smile:

I checked my onsite inventory and I have pads for almost every system but the PS2 here. I will check our offsite storage to see if we have any there but it may take a bit of digging. I already have to pull some backstock this weekend so I’ll keep you updated.

In the event we don’t have any left I checked with our overseas vendor and he has some in stock but without addind them to an existing restock order the shipping costs would be killer. Also it would take 7 to 10 days minimum for us to receive them.

I’ll let you know the status of your request as soon as I find out more.


Hey, at least your on the trail to begin with right? Could have ended with “Nope, don’t got 'em” and been done with that, so it’s really cool to see you keep on plugging away.

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Just because we’re an online store doesn’t mean we don’t believe in good customer service. :video_game::+1::raised_hands:


I checked our backstock for PSX DDR Pads and was unable to find any. If and when we have any in stock I’ll update this thread and let you know.

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