Earn $25 Extra From Payoneer!


Hello Flippers! Gameflip partnered up with Payoneer to increase your earnings even further!

Create a Payoneer account today and you’ll receive $25 USD from Payoneer after your your first $200 USD withdrawal from Gameflip.

Already have a Payoneer account? Awesome! Simply connect it to your Gameflip account and get paid smarter today.

To connect your Payoneer account to your Gameflip account, visit the Withdraw section in your Wallet.

To qualify, you have to link your Payoneer account to Gameflip between September 16th 2019 and October 16th 2019 and withdraw a minimum of $200 USD within 3 months. The promotion reward will be paid by Payoneer on the following month after you reach $200 in withdrawals from Gameflip. This promotion is valid to the first 500 accounts that qualify. Accounts linked before or after the promotion period are not qualified.

Questions? Visit our Help Center and open a ticket.

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Just to make sure it’s clear, the $25 reward will be deposited on your Payoneer account, not Gameflip’s.

The bad of this is that payoneer charge around 30 dollars of fee per year as an annual fee and me and many of us do not use payoneer as our primarly bank account then it is not suitable and not that affordable

Maybe I will just use one time withdraw this year and payoneer will charge for that high amount so Will not be convenient

@op_JOkEr congrats, but payonner is not that good, for fee it charge a lot nd also the exchange rate is not that accurate, we would like to see skrill for withdrawl solution … it’s way better than payonner

well i still prefer btc

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great deal to be honest keep it up guys!

isn’t that only for payoneer prepaid mastercard users? if im not wrong, u wont get charged for just opening an account.

Take a look at the link. It places an (Optional) there


@op_JOkEr Question. Is it $200 in one transaction? or can it be multiple transactions like 2x$100 withdraw

yes but payoneer is not affordable because many people are outside US. and the only way to withdraw from payoneer is with the prepaid card

can’t you just withdraw to your local bank?

No tHEY only accept US. account gameflip too

But anyway I use it just to purchase stuffs in games… not a way to make money

Interesting… Thats great to know, i was basing my assumption that i’m able to withdraw to my local bank account base on this link https://www.payoneer.com/solutions/local-bank-withdrawal/

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correct… …

Ah annoying that I switched to Payoneer already. ps I’m in the UK and it works absolutely fine for me, there’s no yearly fee and I had no issues transferring my USD balance to GBP and then withdrawing to my UK bank account. I was happy to finally be able to stop using PayPal with their ridiculous currency conversion fees.

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@ekul same here , i already switched to payoneer so i can’t earn from this offer , i payed $0.5 to convert 100 usd to euro , payoneer is way better than paypal and the annual fee is only for those who have the prepaid mastercard , also withdrawing is instant if you pay $3 each time

@usergx I’ve made a withdraw for 140 usd from my payoneer to my bank and i didn’t have to use a prepaid card or pay an annual fee. All i have to suffer from is a shitty conversion rate.