Payoneer now available! New international payout option

Hello Flippers,

We are happy to announce that Gameflip is partnering up with Payoneer to ensure another fast & reliable option to payout your sales proceeds!

With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, Gameflip sellers can be paid globally as easily as they do locally. Payoneer is available in over 200 countries and can be used to receive and to make payments.

How do I cash my funds out using Payoneer?

It’s simple! Follow the steps below:

  1. Create your Payoneer account. Visit the account creation page.
  2. Go the Withdraw section of your Gameflip Wallet.
  3. Choose Payoneer and enter your Payoneer account and amount to be paid out
  4. Submit your transfer

Done! Your request will be submitted and the funds will soon be transferred to your Payoneer account.

Any questions? Visit Payoneer’s Support Center.
You can also call them at:

Happy flipping everyone!


Hey guys, I noticed that you haven’t updated the timeframe for a Payout on this amazing new option, Will it be the same as Paypal?

Yes @Mgl_MMO. The time for the funds to leave your Gameflip wallet and arrive to your Payoneer account after the payout request is made should be the same as Paypal.


Hi, I have requested a withdrawal to my payoneer account but I have not received it in 3 days

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You have to create a ticket for someone to look at your specific case.

I Like payoneer but i Like gameflip more .ty gameflip :slight_smile:

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thank you Gameflip , i have been waiting so long for this to happen


There is limit on payoneer as bitcoin weekly $7000?

10000$ per week

hey , i did my first withdraw using payoneer one month ago , they charged me $3 and the money was withdrawn instantly , i suppose there is a way to make the money take longer time to get to my account and in the same time i won’t have to spent $3 every time i withdraw , does anyone know how to change it ?

The charge is from Payoneer, so you could ask them for support. Alternatively, you could wait and withdraw a larger amount (still cost $3), but that saves you the fee.

I have withdrawed 200 Usd yesterday,and while withdrawing it taxed me 2 dollars and after my money got into payoneer it taxed 3 dollars more.When payoneer got my in my own bank it taxed 4 dollars more.Today i had understand that all my work was simply for taxes.Feels like its a waste.

No waste. The best for you and most correct should - of course - charge you if you are taking money out of it. You don’t build the best service without charging anything.
All is good and Gameflip is the best!
Thank you Gameflip :heart_eyes::heart: :heart_eyes:
Thank you Payoneer! Gameflip and Pyoneer Grow stronger together! :heart::heart: :heart::heart:

why some times withdrawn instant some times need approve ?

i didnt know dat. I used to think that payoneer was a great platform for withdrawing and funding money but now i understand its the otherwise.Probably only we payoneer users are experiencing this issue.everyones complaining. my money is still pending for 3 days