[ENDED] WIN a Madden 16 Xbox One Console!


I think I remember reading in the ps4 giveaway that all entries a day are counted and totaled up so if that’s true we should have like 300-400 total entries at the end or maybe your main Entries only counted once and your daily entries are added to the total everyday. Who knows I’m sure someone will clarify this to us.


This has more to do with rafflecopter than Gameflip so i can answer this. The entries you get first count only once. The daily entries are separate and count everyday as +1, its just that they have not figured out how to allow the widget to show this.


Ok so we get up to 16 entries from the 1st day and up to 3 entries added daily. So when all is said and done if you haven’t missed out on filling an entry we should have 88 total. Then we count in the bonus secret words entries, so far 2=90+?however many more they plan to do. I’m not really a math wiz so if this is wrong please correct me.


Guess it means our chances are slim, but you never know what will happen.


Would you like another entry into the Madden Raffle?! Enter the following code as the secret word of the day in the official raffle page to get another entry.

The secret word of the day for Aug. 31st is:


Hey! All entries are good until the end of the promo. The more you participate and get entries, higher are the chances for you to win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks. I am so glad that it is football season again.


So if you enter every possible entry everyday, how many total entries would you have at the end of the contest?


That’s a good question! We’re rolling out secret words every now and then. Since we’ll keep doing that until the end, there’s no way to deliver you a right answer right now. Sorry for that.

What I can tell you is that chances are much higher if you do so :laughing:


Brandon_Maikits, I think you and I need to get on here daily and maybe we will stand a chance. Maybe we both will get something.


That sounds like a good idea to me!:smile:


Unfortunately I am a Titan fan, so I don’t have good fortune with winning. Maybe it will turn around for me on this sweepstakes.


To make it clear, I am a Tennessee Titans fan, so I could use a win. However, I am also a Tennessee Vols fan, so I guess it offsets some.


You guys are awesome for doing such an amazing sweepstakes!!! I have been entering each day so hopefully I win something! Thanks again GameFlip!


Me too😀 good luck!!!


I think the app is great! I have my hopes up right now. Either way this is great.


To be honest… I forgot a couple days XD
I used to try to win giveaways ALL the time, but now its just like, “eh I entered, if i win, i win. probably wont make a difference if i enter once or ten times still gonna lose” XD


I understand that thought. I also believe at times that sweepstakes winners are in the area of the contest, but it never hurts to try either way. Never know when your time will come.


one more day! omg!!!


Only one day. I hope I win something :slight_smile: