Madden Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Madden Sweepstakes! We appreciate each and every one of you for being a part of the Gameflip community and wish we could give everyone a prize. But, now is the time to announce the 10 lucky winners!

Congratulations to the follow winners:

1. Yousef H.
2. Deandre B.
3. Samueal V.
4. Michael D.
5. Ryan S.
6. Zach K.
7. Jennifer B.
8. Robert L.
9. Kevin S.
10. Sam


We will be emailing all the winners over the next few days with more information to get all the prizes sent out.

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Awww you got my name right for Ryan, but it’s supposed to be Ryan D not Ryan S lol congratulations to all the winners!

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Second time of no wining ;c hahaha, congratulations.

And I was just sitting here, thinking to myself "And now I wait for them to announce the winners that undoubtedly doesnt include me."
Congrats all lol

So I was sitting in math class, bored out of my mind, when I get a notification that says the winner has been announced. Knowing that I didn’t try as hard as I thought I did, I go on and just see my name there. I burst out laughing and just packed my backpack, grabbed my laptop, and left while looking at the winners. Sorry if it sounds like I am tooting my own horn or anything but it really surprised me and made my day. Thank you Gameflip for giving this broke college student something to look for in the mail! Also, congrats to everyone else and I sure hope more sweepstakes come around so every one of us can sit back and have a nice laugh because of this great app. Cheers everyone!


Did I really win or is it another Kevin S? I can’t tell because you didn’t post the last name and Kevin S. Is very common lol

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Glad it made someones day, even if it wasnt mine… lol congrats put it to good use, will ya?


@YousefHariri Congrats again!! Hope you enjoy your new shinny Xbox One :smile:

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@xxksem24xx We’ve emailed all the winners already, so if you didn’t get an email, then it’s that other Kevin S. :wink:

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Will do sir :D! Thanks for your kind words :blush:

Hi YousefHariri

I know this is a bit of a strange question to ask but I was curious to know if you have received the Madden Xbox One prize gameflip said you would get?

Also, what process did you have to go through to get it?

I came out as a winner for the recent Halo contest, and I am a bit skeptical with their conditions (who wouldnt be when they are asking to file a tax form lol). I just wanted to see if this was all real or not.

Please get back to me when you can.