Error, Cannot connect to steam account

hello, when i try to connect to my steam account it says, There Is An Error
Cannot connect to steam account

Pls Help :smiley:

Hey @TrexZo
Please check and make sure you did not attach your Steam account to a Gameflip account previously. If you select a different log in method than your main account (Google or Facebook log in) it will inadvertently create a new Gameflip account.

If you have any other question, just let us know! :smiley:

i checked my 2 gameflip acc but nothing new the same problem always

Hey, please contact our support at, thanks!

i need help it says Unauthorized when i try to login into steam account

Hello @Evo_simps,

Could you please provide us your invite code and screenshot of the error so we can better understand what is going on?

God Speed! :trident: