I can't connect my steam to gameflip

I added $60 to my gameflip account for a csgo knife, but when I tried to buy the knife it said that I had to connect my steam account. so I tried to connect it but said "There is an error
Cannot connect to steam account"
I have not willingly connected my steam account to any gameflip account, nor have I ever tried.
so I have no idea why it wont let me connect.

steam guard — active ?
inventory — public ?
don’t use 2 browsers at the same time

yes, yes, and I dont know what you mean by that.

log out you steam > Log in / create new tradelink just try dat and copy it to gameflip

I logged out many times, I created a new trade link, and I still cant connect. I dunno where to paste my tradelink on gameflip.

Purchase! and put tradelink

that’s why u cant connect with the steam :slight_smile: wait a bit pm u

Hey, try to add your steam trade link in here:

Click first on settings then click on Steam connect. Set your trade link and click on “Update trade url”

Aaaah. I don’t know about that. I thought the problem just was the trade link. Hmm, your profile is public? Did you try on connecting steam through the api in another website as opskin for example? Or it just happens with gameflip?

no matter where you connect the steam same time… i logged ops and bits and gameflip same time

I’m just asking it in case he can’t connect it on anywhere using the api. But if it only happens with gameflip it must be because that steam account is already connected to another gameflip account.

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my friends steam worked when I connected it. thanks for the help tho <3. also I have never used my steam for any gameflip account.

I have the same issues so anyoed just got money on my account and cant connect tried different browser etc nothing works ;-;

Please do not reply on those old threads, simply make a new one. Btw create a support ticket here

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