Cannot login to Steam account

When I wanna buy some skins I need to log in my Steam account. But when I trying do it I just can’t.

Check If Steam Community status is “Normal” and the error still persists, then it’s extremely likely that your Steam account have been linked to a Gameflip account previously. That have happened multiple times with users who didn’t remember they created a Gameflip account in the past for a giveway or something.

So if you have another Gameflip account, use that one instead. We cannot unlink Steam accounts.

If that’s your only Gameflip account, then please contact support via Ticket.

So what should I do?

maybe you can try go to setting first in clicked your name in the right top. see that steam connect for your steam account, and set your trade link. its better prepare in setting first before buy. so when you want buy you just place order and retreive the item (if delivery bot trade)