Accidentally added funds to wrong steam account

Hello! I have no access to the steam account linked to the gameflip account linked to it. I want to buy a knife but it is impossible as I cant access the previous account at all… Is it possible to change this? or in someway transfer funds/unlink the account? It is a considerable ammount of money and I would not like to see it rendered useless… Thanks in advance, my invite code is Y8PXXL

Hello Joao, you can buy in my shop by coordinated transfer if there are any knife that interests you! Once purchased shipping for any steam

Are you online now so we can trade fast?

Yes trade fast ever

You can update your info on the settings page. Select the steam connect option at the bottom. If that’s not working for some reason support should be able to reset if you put in a ticket.

Also, you can sort by “Coordinated Transfer” and buy any of those, just provide the seller with the new trade link via messaging.

thanks bro , bought my items !!!