[EXPIRED] SALE! 50% off on latest titles in Lazor Games featured store. While supplies last.

For this WEEKEND ONLY, July 11 - 12, there will be a 50% OFF SALE of the following games in the featured store Lazor Games:

- Batman Arkham Knight
- Elder Scrolls Online
- The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
- Splatoon

You can find their store under the “Featured Stores” section on the main page. They will keep putting up new listings throughout the entire weekend, so keep checking back for get deals!

Great sale, took advantage and got 2 games for less than the price of one (if you include tax). Fast shipping too! Will be doing more business with lazor in the future.

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Awesome to hear that you got to take advantage of their sale! I heard that those games were going quick :smile:

I want to get newsletter ant notificacions about this kind of sales, will you be doing this in the future?, I lost this one, but it’s awesome!

That sale was specific to that particular featured seller. You do raise a good point though…

I’m kind of curious as a featured seller do we have access to Gameflip’s mailing list so we can have sales & promotions e-mailed directly to members if we want to run a sale or promotion?

Hi @Shigakure! Whenever we run a promotion like this, we always send out a push notification to your phone. We also blast it on Facebook, Twitter, and the forums. We actually also do send a newsletter once in a while! It should be sent to the email address that’s linked to the Facebook account you used to sign up for Gameflip.

We’re a really small team and simply don’t have the bandwidth to create newsletters for every single event we have, though we’d love to! My suggestion is to just follow us on Social Media, have your notifications “ON” in-app, and check the forums from time to time to keep up with everything! :smile:

Awesome, by the way, you should add notifications for when a game you are interested it’s put on sell :slight_smile: