Flash Deal: Selling my last Xbox Game Pass for PC (1 Month) for only 2,75 USD

Thank you for your time, but the item has been sold.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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I’d like it. Got one month for free recently over Alienware Arena and I think I can get used to this subscription, lol. It will last for two more weeks and I’m going to vacation after that. So my question is if you know if there is any activation deadline? I would like to activate it in about 25 days.

EDIT: And if this is code from the same place I got previous one, can it still be activated? My Xbox/Microsoft profile recognized it was a “$0.00 code”.

Hi there.
From what I’ve read this code needs to be activated before Nov 18 2019, so you should have no problem at all. It can also be activated with whatever previous plan you’ve acquired up to the total of 24 months. To make it clearer: if you already had 24 monthly passes activated then you would still be able to use this code BUT it would not give you store credits or more time of access and you would just basically lose the activation code.

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Thank you for your response. Sounds good :slight_smile: