FLIP 10% Cashback Promo

Buy anything using FLP and get 10% back!

From now until January 31st, 10% of the amount you spend in FLP will be paid back to your FLP Wallet in the form of Bonus FLP every Friday.

If you buy something on a Friday, chances are that your cashback will be sent to you in the following Friday.

There is no limit for your reward, so head now to Gameflip.com and start flipping!

rip i don’t have FLP ):, is there any way to exchange the money to FLP ? nevermind just found it… thanks for the promotion !

I’ll get paid FLP on Friday? What server time now? What if i 'll pay after 12 hours from now?

I haven’t received 10% back

When did you buy it?

on Thursday (using TFL)