FLIP is coming! Crypto-token for gamers


It’s about the begin guys, pretty exciting


Pre-Sale started! Come join the future of Gameflip https://tokensale.gameflip.com/


FYI, I am getting an error indicating I am not eligible due to my geolocation (am connecting from California)


omg it says “Min Contribution: 3 ETH” and they keep sending 0.+


Yeah, it’s IP blocked for the US, but like any IP block, it’s easy to get around.


After the Main Sale yo guys have plans to add FLIP to any exchange of digitals currencys?
After the Main Sale owners of FLIP can monetize FLIP into another currency ?
Or its just going to be able to spend FLIP in Gameflip site?


It’s already on EtherDelta exchange: https://etherdelta.com/#FLP-ETH

I don’t think you can trade it yet though.