FLIP is coming! Crypto-token for gamers


Visit FLIP Crowdsale Site | White Paper

It’s with great pride that we would like to announce an exciting new project: FLIP, the crypto-token for buying and selling gaming digital goods.

With your help, we’ve developed Gameflip, the safe and transparent marketplace for gamers that over 2 million gamers are already familiar with. Now we want to elevate the game to the next level. By introducing FLIP, our ultimate goal is to allow more freedom and true ownership of digital goods to all gamers.


FLIP is a crypto-token that will allow gamers to safely transact their digital goods in a decentralized blockchain network based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard. We are using this technology to 1) allow gamers to transact digital goods with no risk of scams and fraud (smart contracts) and 2) integrate with game publishers and developers to enable digital goods from multiple games to be bought and sold for FLIP, giving gamers true ownership of their goods.


Globally, we gamers spend billions of USD worth of digital goods each year. Most of these digital goods are locked within a single game, therefore when we invest cash in skins and other digital goods, we rarely get what they’re worth when we stop playing such game.

With FLIP tokens, gamers will be able to transact freely their digital goods from various games, as game developers and publishers will also have a share from the transactions.



We will continue to focus on growing Gameflip and providing excellent service. Gameflip will also be the first platform to support FLIP as currency.


FLIP tokens can be acquired exclusively via crowdsale. Visit our crowdsale site to learn more about rates, benefits and dates (pre-sale starts Oct. 13th 2017).


There’s more to come! We’ll be running bounty programs soon!

Feel free to ask questions about FLIP directly through here!


The FLIP token sale is only available to purchasers: (i) who are non-“U.S. Persons” (as defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended) and who are not purchasing for the account or benefit of any U.S. Person, and (ii) who are eligible to purchase FLIP tokens under the applicable laws of each such purchaser’s jurisdiction.


The official address to purchase FLIP will be exclusively shared on our official site below. Do not send any Ethereum to addresses shared on any public forums, social media or sites that are not the one below.
Official site: https://tokensale.gameflip.com/


omg that’s awesome ! you should accept BTC as well because many people don’t have ETH, like me for example. I’ll definitely invest my money in some flip coins if you do that. :heart_eyes:

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Hi and sorry for this stupid question.
Steam gift card or ps plus gift card are considered digital goods?

that’s some awesome news, perfect

No. These are digital vouchers. The digital goods we are talking about are the ones available in games exclusively, but they could be anything from a skin, an item, badge, etc.

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you can change your btc to eth from another service like changelly.com or shapeshift.io or other that web offer service exchange coin. goodluck

Another service you can use to convert your BTC into ETH is https://www.kraken.com/

Right now there are no plans on allowing BTC investments, only ETH.

Will there be possibility to cash out in Flips and then trade them into ETH, I would be more interested in that option.

Exchanges like shapeshift.io or changelly.com will allow you to exchange Flip Token for ETH

Thanks ! Sounds good.

good luck with flip coins then.

Flip Token… not to be confused with other coin :slight_smile: (I just did a search)

Flip whatever, I’m dealing with crypto since Bitcoin has arrived, so I know where to exchange. I don’t trust online websites because I had some stories with them, even btc-e has been closed, so you know what I mean.

Wow! This is interesting, I really like the idea and I’m definitely going to purchase some Flip Coin.

i want buy too, but PRESALE i read min buy is 3 eth… maybe i buy when main sale, i dont know

Well, Presale have 30% bonus and Main sale have 20% bonus if you buy in the first week.

Why is is outside of the US only? Do we have a date (if ever) that it will be available in the US?

No estimate of when it’ll be in the US, I’m sorry.
We’re currently targeting other markets with this project.

i’m curious to see that new crypto :smile: