Play by Gameflip portal was just launched!

Hello Flippers!
We are thrilled to inform you that the Play by Gameflip portal was just launched!
Discover and explore the best Blockchain games now:

What games are you most excited to play or are playing right now on the Blockchain?
Let me know in the comments!

Oh and soon we will have a Discord server where we can talk about those games, stay tuned!


Hello Flippers!

To follow up with this amazing launch of the Play by Gameflip portal, we are running an amazing $250 giveaway where you can have a chance of winning a piece of it.

We have 5x $50 Binance Giftrcards as prizes, so participate NOW!

Note: Binance Gift Cards allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency in a fast, simple, and customizable way at zero fees. Once you redeem it within Binance you can exchange it for crypto, your local currency, and even withdraw* it to your selected bank account.
*Please check Binance withdrawal rules for your country.