Forum acc perma banned for no good reason.

I love gameflip and their costumer service, but forum mods need some training in patience. You- mods are creating a negative image which goes in contrast with what Gameflip has been doing so far.

My account was banned supposedly for spam, permanently, without a warning or reasoning–and no, it wasnt a mistake. I made a post about a huge loophole in the sale creation, which mods ignored. So i tried to delete the post, but there is no option to do so, so i edited the post with random letters instead. And then i got a forum ban until 2035, for SPAM - which im sure mods will claim it to be a mistake.

Earlier i made posts about Paypal cashouts, mainly about Joker lying about paypal cashouts not being affected, so i believe my ban was caused due to my rightful accusation of mod’s of wrongdoing, which i have a full right to do so, but was not well received by mods.

Shame that you cant control yourself. Please unban me before i post this in gameflip support.

I know its hard, but please stay patient with the mods - they have a lot to do right now and they will surely resolve your issues in some time. gl :wink: