Funds under review

Hello,im new here.Before you read this im want to say sorry for grammar and punctuation errors(Im bad at english)
I got question about funds.
Today i bought 5$ funds through my credit card.After payment i checked Activity at wallet and this said my 5$(Moneys taked from card) are pending,but when i checked GameFlip at phone i saw that my funds at Under Review.I know verification,but i dont want to take photos of myself and my credit card,but i got my bank payment completed.And this payment code look like this GAMEFLP*@@-$$$$-@@@-@@@@@@@ (@-Numbers and $-letters) So here question should i contact support with this code to get my payment verified.


if you bought with your card so you must be verified if you bought with paypal just wait a few hours and they will send you a email to your PayPal Email Go reply that email and wait for them to add your funds to your account thats all!

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