Gameflip API Bot Problem (HELP)

My API Bot was fine until 2 days ago, and the issue seems to be coming from Gameflip because as soon as i run my API Bot, it can’t log into my Gameflip account, and the Bot says ‘’ Invalid Gameflip Login Credentials ‘’, so the issue seems to be coming from my Gameflip Account. Also, why am i getting a Gameflip OTP?

My Profile Code: ESEFZ1

Can a Mod or an Admin please inspect my account and find out the issue? I need this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.


I need all the help

Have you checked that both keys are correct?

Yep i’ve double and triple checked, they’re both correct.

Could you try again, this time taking a screenshot?

I woke up this morning and the Bot started to function normally. If i have issues again, i’ll report back here.

Alright, let me know if you have further issues. I will try to help.

Hey @SimplyLeet,

If you have anymore issues, please let us know :wink:

Thanks for helping out @Aurora!

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello, Aurora! I am having issues with setting up Gameflip API bot. You seem like a person which understands it. I would be super happy if you were able to help me. If you want, i could give you some of my rocket league items (assuming you may like them since it’s on your avatar) like a little gift for your time or something. Feel free to reply and sorry for asking…

More than happy to help! Keep your items, happy to do this just as a favor :smiley: Let me know what you need, I’ll try my best!

Oh my god! That’s so nice of you! I am struggling with setting up API for being able to deliver TF2 items via bot trade. My main issue is i barely understand what i am required to do ;(

No problem! The question that helps the most, are you on mobile or pc?

I got both, but of course i was trying to do that on PC. I installed required stuff like python, nodejs and git. Also downloaded sample code from github. I thought i need to edit that nodejs code inside, but i can’t even properly open it since it gives me an error…

Ok, this TF2 game is Team Fortress 2, right? Great! You already have all things installed that you need, and yes, PC will be the easier to use this. Make sure that you have already downloaded this, this is what you will use to make your listings firstly, Node J.S will post them for you:,
src/samples is what you will be using mainly. Please respond when you have that done.

I already had it downloaded, just unsure what to do with it. I think i have to put my API and Secret somewhere in that file

Great! To get your API keys, go to Gameflip > Settings > Develop, then press the button ‘Create API Key’, make sure you have a spare notepad open to copy these into, do not lose these. Once you have pressed the button, a pop-up will show, that is the Secret API key, the other API key is always there. Jot those 2 down and save them. Once you have done that, on a notepad, type this and save it:

SET GFAPI_KEY=Enter your API key
SET GFAPI_SECRET=Enter your Secret API Key
cd gfapi

Let me know when you have done this, and reply back if you need any help, then the next step.

do i save that
" SET GFAPI_KEY= Enter your API key
SET GFAPI_SECRET= Enter your Secret API Key
cd gfapi"
In notepad replacing my API and Secret (alrdy have them)?

Yes, save that and keep it in a place that is easily accessible.

Okay, done that

Now, you will hopefully be creating your first listing using API! Open Node.js, leave that open, copy the text SET GFAPI_KEY= Enter your API key
SET GFAPI_SECRET= Enter your Secret API Key
cd gfapi

Enter that into Node.js, and press enter. You should see something similar to this: