Gameflip App suggestions

Hi I hope this reaches a developer. Iv been waiting for a while for an app undate and I thought I would be soon but nothing yet. We are still are unable to edit our gameflip subscriptions from the app sadly. We are also unable to see people’s gametags that it asks you to write in when you buy something. If a seller is using mobile only you still have to ask for their gamertag in the msg box. I really want to see these changes please. I think it would be helpful if we could put in our gametag/PSN /Steamid so that it saves it and whenever we buy something or sell something it would automatically send the person our info. Also if you guys have trading post for rocket league they have a really nice want of searching up items for selling and buying check them out gameflip should copy them.

Are you using the Android or iOS app?

edit our gameflip subscriptions

☰ > Wallet > Subscription
You can buy subscriptions or stop a subscription there. If that’s not what you meant then please tell what you mean by edit.

see people’s gametags

When a buyer buys an in-game item, they are required to type in a gamertag/name. You should be able to see that name when you open the ☰ > Listings > any sold in-game item listing. Could you give a screenshot of where the gamertag is missing?

nice want of searching up items for selling and buying

Could you please give an example of what “searching up” is?