My friend has issue


So my friend joined gameflip and added money to his wallet through paypal I think and he tried to sell his rocket league keys but it won’t let him. ID is required altough he added money. What should He do?


ID is necessary in order to start selling…

Few people tried to fight with me saying You can. One of the posts of dunn says too

Perhaps in his case he will need to add an ID.

But I need to check further.

Please ask him to contact me or create a support ticket.

Thank you.

It’s hard to sell if he’s a new member. Why don’t you help him sell on your account?

@Vladislav_Todorov Please send a Ticket to Ganeflip and they will help with the issue.

@Harry_Do. Sometimes you need to spread your wings and do things on your own. Its better if his friend has his account to makes handle things much easier. It could get complicated have with multiple items, trying to figure out how much each person has made and so on.

@DunnBiscuit Ninja hug lol

Lucy :heart: