Rocket League Trading Problems

Ok so this guy and I want to trade but we both have things that were not able to trade without 100% trusting each other. He has $50 worth of items and offered him a $50 dollar Amazon gift card. If he scams me, I’m not sure if I can get my gift car refunded from GameFlip. If your wondering he can’t buy the card from me because he doesn’t have money on his account and I can’t buy the items from him because there is a time limit until I can payout. PLEASE HELP US!

Gameflip only handles buy/sell, not trading items for gift cards. The only safe way is for you to sell your gift card (to get cash), then use that cash to buy the items.

Thanks, we have completed the trade both getting what we wanted. It was
risky for both of us as we could have got scammed by each other, but the
deal was made fine.