Gameflip Subscriptions

Does Gameflip subscription stack with others? Can Pro Club and Gamer Club be combined?

The Gamer Club makes it 0% fees for total of $50 sales so I am not sure what you mean by Pro Club and Gamer Club combining.

But the answer is no. They do not combine. Only one is used at a time.

@Sparkling_Juice the answer is yes, but the Ultra club is only used when there is no enough sales cap on pro club and pro club only used when there is no sales cap remaining on gamer club, I already tried to have two subscriptions on the same time

You can have 2 subscriptions active but they do not stack. You cannot use 2 clubs at the same time for each listing sales. You can enable/have both but it doesn’t use both.

If you mean that we can’t use both subscriptions on the same sale so that’s right, I can’t even imagine the mess that the fees and prices would be, it would simply broke gameflip

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Based on your question, I assume your asking if both perks of the clubs can be combined/stacked. Let’s say you have both Pro and Gamer Club. You list 1 item for $50. There will be no fees as it’s still $50 which is the limit for Gamer Club. If you list it for $50.01, it uses Pro Club instead and hence there will be a 6% fee when item is sold hence you will only get $47.01.

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So sparkling juice means that you can’t sell a item for like $150 and use $50 sales cap from gamer club and $100 sales cap from pro club in a single listing. Your listing have to basically “fit” on any subscription with enough sales cap to add the entire price on used sales cap and it can’t be cut and use sales cap from another subscription