Gameflip Website/App instability (AWS Outage)

Hello Flippers!

As of right now the website and the mobile app have issues that are causing instabilities to use them, from login to purchases/sales.

Our team is already looking at these issues so we can have a fix soon. Whenever I have any news about the progress regarding the fix, I’ll update this thread.

If you have any issues and/or concerns, for the time being, please open a ticket here.



Hello guys, quick update here:

After further investigating, we found that issues are being caused due to an outaged on the Amazon’s AWS web services.

So far we don’t have any ETA on when everything is going back to normal but our team is ready to make everything function whenever the outage is over, meanwhile, you can check the AWS services status here:

If you need further help, please DM us or open a ticket to our team.


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Hello guys!

I’m glad to announce that the Gameflip website and Mobile App are returning back to normal as AWS Webservices issues are being fixed.

Some users might still experience some issues across the website or the app, so I ask if that is the case to wait a little bit more and try again in one hour or so.

Thanks for your patience regarding this matter. Feel free to DM our team or open a ticket if you still have issues or concerns.

Thank you,