[Updated] Amazon AWS outage is affecting Gameflip

Hello Flippers, right now we are facing some Website instabilities that may affect common actions from your side such as login in, creating listings, purchasing, and so on.

We are already working to fix this asap and I’ll let you know here whenever we have things stabilized.

If you have any issues or major concerns in regards to that, please contact our support team thru tickets.

Thanks for your patience on that matter.

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Hello Flippers,

After investigating the issue we found out that the recent Amazon Web Services outage has affected Gameflip. This outage is affecting Gameflip website in many aspects.
You can check Amazon status below:

We will update this post as soon as we have more information.

Thanks for your patience!

Hello Flippers!

AWS services are still having issues, but you may be able to use the marketplace with little hiccups as Amazon is working to mitigate the issues.

If you have issues or concerns, please open a ticket .

Hello Flippers!

As reported by AWS it seems the issue from their side is fixed.

Thanks for your patience in this matter!