i have questions for the support asp

  • as i can’t access the site or the app and i do have 5-8 sold products as i do see notifications and im about a few hours from the passing the delivery timer as i get 1 day delivery and as i can’t deliver so all of them well go past delivery time and as it’s like 5-8 post well i be banned for not delivering all those products or something as i don’t know and i wanna know to relax now, as even 1 day ban can be big problem for me.

You wont get banned but the buyers will be able to cancel the orders

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where are you located i think gameflip is down in some areas

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

Sorry for the wait.

You should not have any problems since this issues was caused by an AWS outage, as informed in the following topic:

Also, as informed by @iMRxzorZz, the most that can happen is the buyers decide to cancel the orders, but they also did not have access to the website or app at the time. They probably contacted the Support Team to understand what was happening and did not cancel the orders.

Hope you have a great day and sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

God Speed! :trident: