Gateway Rejected: Fraud

Hi I would like to ask is there a way to fix this error gateway rejected: fraud? I have added over 1000$ using prepaid card and now I’m getting this error. I am able to use my prepaid card on steam and other U.S site but now when I use on gameflip it give me this error. Please check thank you.

My code is: 2LJGA5

This seems to be an error from the payment gateway that Gameflip uses (e.g. Braintree), not from Gameflip. You mention this is prepaid card. If you had bought this prepaid card from someone else, it may have been “fraudulently” obtained, and thus, got rejected. This card may have been “fine” previously but now marked as “fraud” by the payment gateway(s).

You can try using this exact card elsewhere to see if it’s declined. I suspect this card cannot be used any where now.

I’ve just used it to pay my at&t bill and I bought the card from Walgreen so no way it’s a stolen card.

You should use Paypal for smoother transactions, I’ve encountered that error many times but it’s easier and faster with Paypal