Error: FRAUD_DETECTED: The request cannot be fulfilled for the current shopper. Please contact BlueSnap support for further details.

Error: FRAUD_DETECTED: The request cannot be fulfilled for the current shopper. Please contact BlueSnap support for further details.



same as mine wtf

Hey I’m having the same issue. They basically took my money out of my bank but there are no additional funds in my gameflip account!

Me too, i tough i was the only one


Gameflip is a big scam! They just banned my account after 20 completed sales. I lost about 1000$!!!

Now im having the “DO_NOT_HONOR: Transaction failed because of payment processing failure.: 349 - This transaction has been declined. Please try a different card or contact the credit card provider for assistance” error

Hello everyone,

Please provide me your invite codes so I could check your account further.

Now @str00dles_42 and @pandora,

Please contact the support team using the link below?

If you have done so already, please inform me the ticket.

I will try to address each issue the best way I can.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hey @DarkKnight

Here is my profile code: WC6W49

and here is my ticket number for you: #548357

Thanks for your help!

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Hello @str00dles_42,

I have checked your case and would recommend you providing us every information possible through the ticket. Like a screenshot of the order on your bank statement with that determined purchase and the order ID, so we can locate the purchase and see what happened.

Do you have any alternate accounts on Gameflip? With a different login method maybe?

God Speed! :trident:

Hey @str00dles_42,

I requested a Support Team member to help on this case and they answered your ticket accordingly.

Please provide the information they requested so we could find the purchase you are informing.

God Speed! :trident:

Yeah, I’ve been emailing back and forth for the past 2 days just trying to get someone to grab on to this and help. Really hoping they figure this out. Seems like nobody can even find my transaction in the Gameflip database which is not cool at all.

Hey @str00dles_42,

Sorry for the inconvenience and don’t worry :wink:

We will get this figured out as soon as possible for you.

Also, the reason that it is not appearing is because the purchase is not listed under your primary account.

If I have further updates on this, I will inform you here.

God Speed! :trident:

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Same issue. CC’s and Google Play arent processing. Get weird errors like “…contact Bluesnap” who is that? It’s been broken for a while now. I used to purchase items here every week. My CC’s and GPay are working fine. Why is it not working with Gameflip?

Fyi - Here’s my code CTDBJG. I’ve been buying on Gameflip since 2018. I contacted support last week but they said there was no fix for this (these strange processing errors)?? What does that mean? Did I do something wrong? I’m in the US. My credit elsewhere on the internet works just fine, Amazon, Valve, eBay etc…

Same here, cant buy anymore :S

Same here I don’t know what to do

My case was 547121
I cant see my id because of ban!


@str00dles_42 After checking from our side, we’ve found a “Zip Mismatch” error. This means the postal code you’re entering does not match the postal code on the credit card. Please check the postal code and try again.

@Al_Dente In your case, we’ve found a “Zip Not Verified” error. Maybe it’s a prepaid card that you haven’t registered to your address yet.