PAYMENT HELP - I cant buy

It happens with every card

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

As the message says - “restricted by your bank”. You should contact your bank. I suspect that your bank does not allow you to make purchase in USD (if you live outside of the US) or that not for gaming related transactions.

I know but i never had this issue before x_x

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr @MajorTom

Please help me…tried with another credit card and now the error says “FRAUD_DETECTED: The request cannot be fulfilled for the current shopper. Please contact BlueSnap support for further details.”

Im getting 3 errors :frowning:

The payment processor/system they are using is broken. CC and Google Pay no longer work. I just get random errors now. I chatted with “support” and they were no help. Maybe someone at Gameflip can push up this issue and/or remove the CC/Google payment options, it’s a waste of time. Good Luck!

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btw - I am US based and using valid CC’s and my Google Pay is operating fine. Except here.

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Same here, im from Argentina and this never happened before, the only payment that works in Argentina now is Google Play and the normal credit card system

Hello Geronimo_Castreje,

This issue is caused because the information you entered does not match that of the credit card. Without matching information the credit card company withholds the purchase. Please contact the credit card company to ensure the information you are entering is correct.

Also, could you please let me know your invite code, so I can further check it from our side?


@Al_Dente You should create a ticket with your profile code so that Gameflip support staff can take a look at your case or work with their payment processor to figure out what the issue is.

Hi! my invite code is “D6DA6P” and my credit cards are all fine, they are the same as always, besides i can buy anywhere without problems except here, already called Visa and my bank, its all good so…i guess its a gameflip problem now

Hello Geronimo_Castreje

After looking into your account and checking your card country, we would like you to know that it’s now possible to add funds in BRL using BoaCompra (if you are in Brazil). We will be adding more options soon.

Also, please don’t remove any cards that you had previously added to your account. I can see you had two approved cards that were manually deleted by you, so that’s why you are facing some issues while trying to purchase.

Im in Argentina, i removed those cards because there was a bug in my account which every 2 purchases asked me for selfie and ID verification, i got tired of that and started to use google pay, anyhow i cant add my credit cards back because i get the “fraud” error

That’s probably why you are receiving those errors. You are in Argentina, but you are trying to add cards with different countries.

Thats because i tried Argentina in the first place and i was getting the same error, but if i put Brazil everything was ok, i dont know…its weird, but the problem persist even with Google Pay and gPay works fine in other websites

The problem persists…just called the bank and im not blocked to purchase here or in any site

Heyy @Geronimo_Castreje, I will PM you now.


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I sent moderators a PM about my account that is “Under Review” and I was hoping you could look at it and review my account! I saw in a post that you said you reply quickly to PMs so I was hoping you would help me out! :slight_smile:

That’s really weird, especially if you don’t have any restrictions from the bank.