What the hell is this gPay Error

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What is this? happens in every browser

Also this…

also happened to me, even opened a ticket and not a decent answer about the errors. Even my post on the forum was ignores by the mods that I open on Feb. 1 (saturday)

I dont know what else to do and its the only way of payment i got right now, Paypal and Skrill are blocked in my country

My guess is that the “DO NOT HONOR” means your bank doesn’t allow your card to be used outside of your country.

I am part of the U.S. been a member for a year I have similar errors using google app, in my case is either braintree or payment method not supported, my believe is that gameflip payment system is not up to date and its having issues, I can’t use my galaxy note 10 to pay using google pay but I can on my iphone 7 phone through chrome with google pay, but the two items I ordered(saturday and today) but have been put under in review, the first one got approved 4 hours laters, in this last one, 5 hours has passed and still nothing, customer support is horrible in the ticket section with no help and mods here are ignoring the problem since friday(which seems to started this issue with other people

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Well, actually I believe that Gameflip payment system has been messed up for sometime now.
We need to know which payment methods are currently supported and working.

Hello @Geronimo_Castreje,

Could you please provide me your invite code, so I can check your account further?

@Wolfy_Zero, could you please provide me your invite code as well?

Also, if you need any questions answered, please fell free to ask me. We are not trying to ignore any problems.

Also @samkatta,

The payment methods are currently working and the options are displayed to you when an item/funds are purchased.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello @samkatta,

I have provided you a response with more detail in the following topic:

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its: AVQW2X

I understand @DarkKnight, I spoke today with two gameflip support, on the helpdesk, I was told engineers are working on this issue since there was a payment processor change recently and also give me some tips, but the one from the web browser, which is cleaning cache, does not work with me on my android phone because still get the error(either payment method not supported or braintree error), I can make purchase using google pay ironically on my iphone but it is put under review each time because apparently of a mismatch of address which country that it was registering US and not PR on the card I was using(which is from a PR bank debit card and even though we are a commonwealth state/territory of the US) this issues never happened when I paid with my personal main android phone for over a year now and many other are having the same or similar errors.

also my ticket(request) number is 545093

Hello @Wolfy_Zero,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, as informed in the ticket, the engineers are verifying the issue and should have a fix very soon.

I can see here that the support team in the ticket removed the flag on your account. This helps on lowering the chances of your purchases ending up in review.

Also, please inform in the ticket that the solutions regarding the cache and App did not work. I would suggest you to try making another purchase to see if it is still going through review. If it does not, it would be good to continue using your Iphone for now.

Sorry once again.

God Speed! :trident:

will do, thanks

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Not a problem @Wolfy_Zero!

Have a good day!

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It’s giving a FRAUD DETECT error now, EVEN for putting money into our wallet … wtf???

How sad is that we’re running out of payment options to and GF is not taking this seriously