Ticket submitted about issues with payment though google play

I submitted a ticket and would like to have this issue bring in to the forum hoping for a faster resolution.

I stayed after gameflip stop having paypal as a payment method, thanks to google play that at least allowed me use my debit card like in paypal(sadly not my bank account like paypal) and until yesterday, had no issues with payment, then yesterday issues with google play happened and could not make purchase, other sellers where having similar issues with their google/apple pay, afterward, I try today and still not been able to purchase, I took my back up secondary phone(iphone) with my wifi and payed using google play and transaction work partially, now it asking me for my ID which from day 1 was never asked and is illegal, at least on my state/territory, even the way you ask for it, no other more reputable sites ask this information like ebay, amazon, walmart and gamestop, which I used before, not even a older reseller giftcard website I came before I found out gameflip, even knowing so and want to trust the company with my personal information I comply so transaction can go smoothly but this process now will take according to the photo submit and also the ticket days, I have a clean record on my profile and I hope that this issue does not ruin my reputation as a buyer and hope some moderators here can look my case and help.

Here a copy of what mostly was written on the ticket and photos of issues

Message through ticket
2 issues
1-It’s illegal for my ID needed for me to get the item I purchased, after a year with constant purchase from this site, it is illegal in my territory this practice that requires a photo of a selfie of me and my state ID, this is not a credit company or bank that require by law this information, I have complied, but will hold legally this company and is founder ********* for any misuse or stolen information from this, since as seen in the forums, even your own employees can’t be trusted (************* case that was publicly mentioned on the forum as a example) and personally I don’t see this right. especially been a loyal customer after removing paypal.

2nd issue is is about this transaction, since yesterday 31/jan/2020 I been having issue which will be provided in photos, and just today using google pay with a second back up phone i have (iphone I keep) worked but asked me of documentations, transaction already removed(hold perhap) the amount from my bank account and I can’t wait days for a staff resolved this just for some errors that other users seems to be also having, which I believe you staff have to fix and hope to have a reply of the fix either through here or the forum whichever is faster.

I understand and hope that I have not been disrespectful in this ticket by mentioning my frustration, discomfort and issue mentioned above and hope to have this transaction and future transactions, free of any issues related to my ID.

att. **************************

additional information of sales

order id
My profile code

I’ve been using my debit card the entire time acting as if it was a credit card. Maybe just try to input your debit card info in the credit card section. Money from your bank will still be withdrawn from your bank account this way.

The only reason Gameflip wants Identity Documentation is for SELLING gift cards. From the photos above, it seems that your payment on the order is under review. I have been under review before having the same exact screen but I never had to submit identity verification and the issue was resolved within a day. Since you are using Google play, Gameflip doesn’t have a dedicated payment verification for that since it is going through Google rather than through a debit/credit card. Like it says in the “Under Review” box, it says that your order is placed under hold. If they need further information, they would contact you. From the “Document Verification” underneath, I am going to say that it is only asking for payment verification because it doesn’t mention identity. Pressing that button takes you to the general verify documentation page where it would let you verify your identity and payment methods. Since you used Google Play, it will only show identity since no credit card is listed. Next time you try purchasing stuff, try to add your debit card to the credit card assuming you have a checking account with your bank.

If you search online “Use debit card as a credit card online” you will see that theres a lot of info about it.

I check everywhere in the help info area relevant the thing is it asked documents as see on the picture above but weird thing it just that I just received the code 44 mins ago and never got replied by the support team for the ticket, now I just want this to not happen, been a fully year since I joined on jan 2019 and it is weird the errors its giving me on my note 10 which is my general phone even after cleaning cache and data and the fact that I was not the only affected, and also weird they asked on the purchase that got on review for that documentation, there two type of documentation, the second one been the phone been, its impossible since My dad is the main holder of the family plan account, I only appear as secondary with my wife, so the only one was my ID, always though it was for sellers only which as a legal basis on, anywho, hope the can help us understand what happened during yesterday and today errors and hopefully they can fix it if its from their end or explain how we can fix it (besides cleaning cache) from ours if it is.

Also the card is fine has the funds and works ok other website or google play storez the issue just like I have when I try to purchase in playstation is that the payment providet gameflip seems to be using, discriminate the Puerto Rico Address, tried in the past 3 times, all of them did not pass the transaction but the money of the transaction on hold for almost a week, which sux, for me. so yeah. that happened after paying directly with the debit/credit card

Ah I see. Knowing it’s the weekend, you might not be able to get a response from them until Monday. I don’t know how their support team works but I think that they work business days. Sorry to hear about this man, wish you luck. Hearing issues about google play from several users, that might be something support needs to look more into. They also need to look into the Puerto Rico thing too. Last I checked Puerto Rico is a US territory. Hope they solve this soon.

thanks mate

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