fraud detected error when trying to purchase

I have a customer getting this when trying to purchase from me,does this mean I am in the wrong somehow or there is something wrong with his payment method? thanks for any help.

This error is solely on the buyer. When purchasing things, an anti-fraud system might activate to make sure you are the real owner of whatever method they are paying with. If the buyer is trying to use Google Pay or something like that as their payment method, then that might be the reason. Some users on here have been saying that Google Pay is having some problems and that the people at Gameflip are trying to sort out whatever problems Google Pay is having. Otherwise, the buyer should go to gameflip support for help.

this issue is not buyer fault, has mentioned on past posts, there are issues with google/apple pay, mostly on google pay, tech support has been working on almost 2 weeks but still have not been fix, I believe is highly likely that the main issue is the new payment program they implemented recently that is affecting this also affect if ur trying to pay with ur debit/credit card and their payment manager discriminate/refuse ur ip (outside of US, including territories or commonwealth states of the U.S. like my case), that same error u have happens to me on debit/credit payment method, but in google pay situation for me is different, either braintree or payment not supported error, but many users are having similar issues unable to make purchase or add funds.

By the way, I am always use my main phone to purchase through google pay after paypal been removed, which is android and does not work, but through my iphone through chrome with google pay it works(ironically) so based on that the issue with google pay most be compatibility issue from gameflip payment manager part since I have a note 10 plus with android 10 and everything updated up to date and still does not work even after clearing cache, hope this help, or u can try a pc or mac if u have them, be aware that if u do use another cellphone, or computer or tablet, and if does work, u may risk to be put under review, and if do so, open ticket and explain the situation, so customer support can clear the mac address( for future purchases to not fall under review). hope this help mate.

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What I meant was that the error is on the buyer’s side and not on the seller.

Its more on the intermediary fault in this case gameflip since buyer can’t pay due to the errors on their payment manager. This does not help buyer because make it harder or impossible or seller since the customers expectancy is reduce by these issues :3 but its ok, just wanted to point out this case is not buyer o seller sides fault but everything in between them.

ok thanks guys for the replies,he’s trying to pay via credit card when he gets that message,i don’t really know what advice to give other than try another payment method,but credit card seems to be his only option,

It must be where he is from (or at least billing address). Someone else on here had a similar error show up with paying with a credit card (it seemed like a MasterCard) but they were from South Korea (based off of KR country code in the screenshot I saw). These errors are probably caused by country restrictions or something.