Declined Credit Card Despite Adequate Funds

Hi there! So I recently created an account and experienced no problems adding funds to Game flip. Now, it gets declined, despite sufficient funds/repeated phone calls to my bank saying that it isn’t on their end. I’ll upload a screenshot of the decline along with my user code thingy.

Okay so now it worked? Is there a reason Gameflip will deny funds being added?


It is very hard to say only based on what you said. Perhaps the payment processor limited your card for an amount of time due to security reasons.

But, what I said, was only a guess.



Hi I’m receiving an error when purchasing all of a sudden it says “braintree authorization error” I’m using Apple Pay what I usually use…

There is a problem with the payment method, I am also having issues today, cant pay with google pay like I used after paypal method got removed, this is the only method I found that work with my debit card after paypal, got some screenshot hope this helps out even adding a new card through the app has another error, even though from the website its not but since my address always has issues with the debit card, cant pay directly, only using google pay, and it actually quite insulting saying commiting fraud in the app as if all my time as a buyer I ever commited fraud :<

Did you try to add funds instead of paying directly for this order?

Just did same error

Did you try adding funds through the Gameflip App? Might not make a difference, but worth a try.

does not have google pay or apple pay the app

hmm strange, I have Apple Pay through my iPhone. Hope this gets fixed soon.

I had no problem with either Google Pay or Apple Pay. My suggestions:

  • Make sure that your apps are “up to date” if not already so
  • Use your real name for buying. Anti-fraud system may reject transactions with names like “Gamer Dude”
  • Use your phone (or laptop) when making purchases (unless you are using your parents cards and phones)

make sure all app is up to date, including play store, google pay app, and chrome browser, also in my gameflip account is my full real name on personal information(obviously not username just in case)
and did not try with my laptop o desktop since I XD I never purchase or rarely touch them but did work on my iphone using google pay on chrome, but had some technical issues(like asking me documents for verification since it falled under review) other people seem to have similar issue, hope gameflip can help or fix supposing its from their end this issue via ticket I submitted today

Same for me smh :man_facepalming:

I’m trying to use a Visa card and it keeps saying error contact your bank or use a different card and I bought another Visa card and it said the same thing. I contacted gf about it and they never responded I feel like they just want credit card information and they will use it and give out your personal information.


Could you please provide us you invite code and ticket number so we can take a better look?

God Speed! :trident: