Account Locked (Too many declined charges)???


This has got to be a bug/issue on gameflips/ card processor’s side as Im attempting to add funds to the account with known working cards/same address and getting “Account Locked (Too many declined charges)”.

I haven’t changed any card info /address info already stored on your website and was able to add funds/purchase with no problem all of April. You can check the account history.

I have already emailed support under the ticket: 570283

Support to said to check with my bank’s card and try again.
I could understand one card having issues with a declined payment, but three different cards?
I’ve checked with the banks and they say no issues on their end.

Weird thing is I can still access the account/login via website and app, but cant add any funds successfully.

Account Code: LNXX1V

Looks to be the same issue as this one maybe:

Can i get someone to look into this?

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