Declining payment

For some reason I’m unable to add funds to my wallet despite having money aviable on my card. It declines and bounces back the payment as soon as I make the payment.


This is odd. Do you receive an error message when you try to complete payments?

If so, send me a PM with a screenshot of this error so i can try to provide you further help.


Hey I know this is an old thread but I am having trouble with placing an order, When I click place an order all that comes up is “there is an error, declined”. I know I have enough funds and all.

You can make a support ticket with attached screenshots of the error and what type of payment you used so support can check your account for the issue.

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You should try to use Paypal or credit cards. I always have the same problem with debits

I also had to use PayPal as the Verified by Visa didn’t accept my new card this time and I didn’t feel like calling into the 800 number.

The best thing is using Paypal fund. There’s nothing the bank can do although I call them numerous times. It should be from Gameflip

Hey are you able to help me out, im having the same exact issue with mine. i try and try to add funds but it declines it when i have more than enough money to add funds to my account

Hey @Dexter1!

Could you please inform me the error you are receiving?

Also, have you tried a different card?

Godspeed! :trident:

yeah i tried my bank card and Google pay

Thanks for the information @Dexter1.

Do you have a ticket explaining this issue with screenshots of the error and account information?

If not, could you please open a ticket using the link below:

Once created, please provide me the ticket number here please.

Godspeed! :trident:


My account has been locked as a result of too many declined payments. I’ve had a few problems with the app with my credit card. This isn’t an issue with the website.

Can you please assist in having my account unlocked. I’ve raised a ticket number 774851.

Many thanks