Declining payment


For some reason I’m unable to add funds to my wallet despite having money aviable on my card. It declines and bounces back the payment as soon as I make the payment.



This is odd. Do you receive an error message when you try to complete payments?

If so, send me a PM with a screenshot of this error so i can try to provide you further help.



Hey I know this is an old thread but I am having trouble with placing an order, When I click place an order all that comes up is “there is an error, declined”. I know I have enough funds and all.


You can make a support ticket with attached screenshots of the error and what type of payment you used so support can check your account for the issue.


You should try to use Paypal or credit cards. I always have the same problem with debits


I also had to use PayPal as the Verified by Visa didn’t accept my new card this time and I didn’t feel like calling into the 800 number.


The best thing is using Paypal fund. There’s nothing the bank can do although I call them numerous times. It should be from Gameflip