Questionnaire: Payment Declined

Hey everyone!

We are investigating a situation, in which users from the Gameflip marketplace have their payments declined when trying to purchase with specific payment methods.

Can you please provide us further detail on which payment information you are inputting for this to happen and/or details that will help us analyze this specific case?

Also, which type of payment method are you using?
- Debit card
- Credit card
- Prepaid card

If you were able to make a way around this situation, do you notice any pattern on your declined charges?

Thanks in advance!

God Speed! :trident:

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Hi, yes I have. My debit visa which I had already verified the ownership for all the sudden starts being declined while there’s enough balance to cover the transaction. So basically I was trying to buy wallet points using one of my validated cards. But due to the declines… i ended up trying it a few more times (but still to no avail). I took a break and tried it again in a few hours…still declined - but worse. As this time it made my account locked from “too many declines” Please help me reactivate my account. I’d be super grateful.
Thanks! Invite Code : PL2Y8X

Hello @thezybras,

Thanks for sharing your case with us.

Have you opened a ticket with this information as well?

God Speed! :trident: