Account locked (again) - Possible BUG

I might have found a BUG, faced the same about 1 month ago when my account got locked after 3 or 4 declined transactions due to credit card out of funds.

@MajorTom and @DunnBiscuit assisted me into getting my accout unlocked after I provided all the information (photos, validated credit cards, identity, etc).

1 month later and without having a single declined operation, it happened today that I got 1 declined operation (putting money on my wallet, not purchasing) and it got instantly locked again.

Again, having provided all the information again (photos, validated credit cards, identity, etc) my account got locked after 1 declined operation.

Please assist me again into having my account unlocked @MajorTom and also, please request support or dev team to look into this issue as it seems it may be a bug-related issue.

A support ticket has been raised just in case under number 584728

Hello all, I’d really appreciate any help with this issue as I’m in the middle of a dispute with all proofs provided and might lose it because of this issue :frowning:

I’d validate my account again if needed, I’m a legit user and I’m really willing to prove it, @MajorTom knows it as I’ve even shared validation photos with him.



@GrandMarket please be advised that I’m not being able to reply on the dispute because of this issue, when my access is recovered I’ll reply again, I’m the meantime I made some tests with other friends as well and the result was the same … will be attaching everything later!!! (I even made a video)

Hi @DarkKnight ,

i Purchased a 25$ Amazon Gift card, i have waited 20 hours for the seller to respond, he sent a redeemed code and i have explained it to him, he kept sending redeemed codes, then he stopped responding, Please help i have opened a dispute please check the chat to see what happened

Order: c51134e7-bdb1-4d43-83ad-5580c5eb8004

Code : DPQ9AV

Thanks for helping

I’d like to thank Bruno (support chat), he was able to look into the issue and get it resolved in no time. Hope this post worth as a recognition from my side.

Thanks Bruno!!

Anyway I think this issue should be overlooked, as it seems to be a bug on the security system

Topic answered via DM

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