Account Locked due to too many declined charges

Replied on @Geronimo_Castreje topic but I doubt it will have visibility, so I decided to open a new topic.

I’m facing the exact same issue as Geronimo ( and @matchumoi (Account Locked (Too many declined charges)???)

My account got locked for the exact same issue and it was ‘unlocked/resolved’ after checking my account status for having seen no fraudulent activity under ticket #570746, 1 attempt later (again with Google Pay) it was blocked again and raised a new ticket under #573855, GF support requested me to try again and status was the same (still locked) so they proceeded to permanently suspend my account … (weird as this lock is given when 6 transactions are declined, it makes 6 out of dozens of purchases last year, credit cards gets out of balance some times due to food, gas, payments, purchases, etc)

Ticket is still open as I have even shared my credit card bill for support team to check the autenticity of my words, dont know the status of @Geronimo_Castreje or @matchumoi , they might have been unlocked for good (if so please advise!!) … but having always been a loyal and transparent user I’m just not understanding this situation; I even received an SMS today for being a ‘valued’ GF member with a prize of 2 USD to spend on anything.

Out of the tons of transactions on this 1+ year, being suspended due to this is not cool; guys, again, please advise or someone please tell me how to proceed with this (maybe it was a bug and it has already been resolved, but access is still restricted).


Same exact issue, support told me account is suspended for good.
Doesn’t make sense to me as the cards I used were still on the system/no changes for all purchases all of April. As soon as I tried to make a purchase in May, account locked after trying different purchases, on different days all with payment declined. I think it has to do with something on their end with payment processing and throwing a false positive for fraudulent activity, especially if others are having the same issue like @Geronimo_Castreje and yourself.

Definitely leaves a sour taste in the mouth when you are a loyal a transparent users like myself to get a $2 USD credit only to not be able to use it.

This above from @CiTRiCJUiCE is the same exact issue as I am having: Account Locked (Too many declined charges)???

For me I still have access to the account, just not able to purchase as account is locked, payments declined.

Any help on this would be great.

Also @MajorTom and @DunnBiscuit?

@matchumoi don’t know your situation but might be the same, since day 1 I’ve been only using 2 credit cards (both to my name, even offered the chance for a photo if support requests it).

Being us 2 ‘valued’ customers makes even more sense, plus our access is still there.

I don’t know … being so many users on the platform (sellers) which has the ability to re-open their closed accounts (visible due to the exact same price as before with a new name) without issues just makes no sense … I mean, if a bunch of users (buyers) are willing to get their accounts back and offering the chance of providing all the necessary information/photos that SHOULD mean something to GF, most of the users would just create new accounts and go on … yet again Gameflip support team/admins take this into consideration and assist us

Exactly. Just havent seen this issue before and typically would get a temp charge on a card used if it was attempted. This time it was straight up declined with no temp charge, and naturally us buyers that still use the same cards for other purchases outside GameFlip would try the purchase again/double check our info when entering/finishing checkout.

Lastly, If the account is closed for good, we need the right to be able to delete all sensitive data from the account/servers.


Can you DM me your invite code or the email/phone number that is linked to your Gameflip account, so I can further check both of your accounts?