Identity check taking a lot

How long does it take to get my identity checked? i ve posted my passport and pics since a while now…

Hello! Is this issue still persisting?

If so, let me know your invite code so I can help you further.


It s just very hard understanding how everything works… i downloaded the app 10 days ago… and still didn t manage to understand if i need to add my card and where… if i can t list a price cause there isn t a card … very confusing :disappointed:

You only have to meet any one of the requirements in order to sell.

If you want to add a credit/debit card on the mobile app:
☰ > Settings > Payment Method > Add a new card

If you want to check your ID verification status:
☰ > Wallet > Document Identification

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Also, as i asked before, if you are still having trouble verifying your ID, please send me your invite code, so I can help you further.


Oh yes thanks all solved… after few try and days i got accepted :heart_eyes:

And yes i went to add my card but i don t have anything called PAYMENTS in settings… just BIlLLING and can only add address there :astonished:

Can you give a screenshot of the Settings page on your Gameflip app?

Surely… this is what I see

Looks like the Payment Method button is missing on your Settings page because you’re using an international version of the app. You can still reach the “Save Credit Card” page by trying to buy an item and clicking on Charge to card on Checkout.

Oh… i see… i ll try that :slight_smile: thanks… hopefully it s going to work

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Ok… i tried what u guys told me… unfortunately doesn t work :frowning: also listing doesn t work :frowning: sobbbb

Please give a screenshot of what doesn’t work.

You can also add a credit card by using the website:

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