Well i think no one will help..

I think nobody want to help me i tried everything to sell on Gameflip…

well i’m from egypt and they wont accept my card in the first i could list any item but after while when i tried to list again it says “Before you can list an item, your account needs to be qualified” so i don’t know what should i do i even submitted my phone bill And my visa also i tired to verify the ID but they wont verify it for me so to be honest i tried everything to sell but it doesn’t work out…:frowning:333

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Have you read the requirements? https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006410293-What-are-the-requirements-for-selling-on-Gameflip-

If you have trouble with ID verified, perhaps try adding a credit card instead?

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i already added my card and still cant :confused:

Make sure it’s a credit/debit card and not a “prepaid” card.

Yes its Credit card but they don’t accept cards from egypt thats why

Hello adam_saber!

Gameflip is currently not supported in all countries, but will continue to add more countries as we grow.
At this time we do not currently support your country, but please keep checking back from time to time as we will eventually open up worldwide.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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Already solved thanks for respond to me!!

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you can now add funds using the visa card or only paypal?

I can Add funds using my PayPal Account!