Account is Qualified, But Can't Sell.

Hello, i added a credit card, “debit card”
and i still can’t sell on gameflip, i’m from canada, and the credit card is the same country as my phone number, and country, i don’t know why it says like that
“Before you can list an item, your account needs to be qualified.”
i’m already qualified, please help, i really want to sell my rocket league items,
thank you…
Profile Code : 7HT6AJ

@DarkKnight can you please check this out.

Were you trying to sell gift cards? Because that requires ID verified also.

No, as i said, i tried to sell rocket league items…

@DarkKnight , check this out.

Hello the_geezek!

I just checked your account and found that you have an active debit card.

In this case, the system says that your debit card is from the US and not CA. That is strange. Did you input a card from the US?

Could you please verify your debit card with the following instructions:

How do I verify my new credit card?

Verify your credit/debit card on Gameflip is simple and easy. You can request Gameflip for verification by going to your wallet, start the verification process, then upload all required documents and photos. To verify your credit/debit card you will need to provide:

1- A high resolution photo of you (selfie) holding your card.

2- A photo of the front of the credit/debit card used for your purchase(s) being held in your hand – with the name on the card and at least the last 4 digits on the card.

3- A photo of the back of the credit/debit card used for your purchase(s) being held in your hand.

As soon as you verify your card, please inform me so I could check your verification.

God Speed! :trident:

I have a similar problem, My debit card has just been verified but I cant sell digital game codes.