Identity and Card Verified but still can't Buy

Hey, hope this is in the right spot but I am trying to figure out why I still can’t buy items on Gameflip with my account by using a credit card that was confirmed Varified this morning and my Identity which was also approved. Before making a larger deposit in my wallet, I tried a test of $5 and it still stays that is Under Review.

The only thing I can think is that even though the website doesn’t say you need all three that I also need to do the phone verification part which I find bizarre. I would have done that part also but it seems like that is a bit dramatic when I already spent hundreds of dollars to asks this after the fact and only negative notch on my account is when someone scammed me.

Either way is the Phone bill part the reason why it doesn’t work? If that’s the case I do not have a phone bill that is in my name or that shows my address since I do not pay my own phone bill. Anyone have experience with this?

You should ask Gameflip Support directly through This Link

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Were you asked by Gameflip to verify your identity or verify your payment? If you’re still under review during business days then leave your invite code so a moderator can help.